Big or small,

you can manage it all

Get real-time analytics, effective automation, and optimization that saves time and money. From landlords with a modest amount of properties to rental companies with extensive portfolios, and those in between, find the features that suit you most.
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For landlords

Your properties, our priority

For the enthusiastic owner of even just one unit. Easily track every detail about your properties, from rental contracts to maintenance records. Automatic reminders keep you informed, while the integrated calendar ensures a well-organized schedule.
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Add properties in minutes

Set up your property by entering your property details such as street address, tenant and rent details in a matter of minutes.

Generate rent contracts

Get a printable rent contract in a few clicks based on the details you entered in the tenant and landlord details.

Get rent paid on time

Send automated reminders to tenants on a daily basis to remind them that their rent payment is overdue.

Track maintenance & repairs

Create tasks to plan and schedule maintenance and repairs to improve tenant satisfaction.

Track equipment & damages

Enter your equipment and accessories to your properties and check for damages at end of contracts for damages.

For property managers

Partner for every enthusiast

Get hours worth of work done in minutes. Countless processes that Sworp Rent keeps doing continuously in the background so you can focus on your clients while saving up time.
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Manage more units

Improve your efficiency and manage more units that you did managing properties in the traditional way.

Get organized

Categorize properties into portfolios and share these portfolios with their landlords who own those properties.

Get more clients

Save time on managing each property and invest the saved time to get new clients to grow your portfolio.

Manage tasks with ease

Schedule appointments, meetings and property maintenance all within one application.

Get real-time insights

Get financial insights in real time and access the incoming and outgoing payments at a glance.

For property management companies

Scale your business without limits

Manage numerous properties effortlessly, juggling multiple tasks with ease. Elaborate communication system, email integration, and contract templates streamline operations, allowing for swift and professional interactions with tenants and your staff.
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Assign portfolio managers

Add multiple partners or staff as portfolio managers to manage large portfolios efficiently.

Verify online payments

Get bank transaction details right into your portfolio and pair bank transactions to rent and other payments.

Share files within portfolios

Share relevant and important files within the portfolio with easy access to every portfolio manager.

Automate routine tasks

Reduce workloads by automating routine and mundane tasks and eliminate human error.

Communicate with your team

Set up emails, text messaging and call recording features and communicate confidently with tenants and your team.