Rental management.

Fast. Easy. Transparent.

Whether you manage many properties, own just one, or are a tenant, Sworp makes it easy to handle your rentals with lots of automation, even tasks you might not think of.
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There is no vacant units for this month
Expected rent
CZ 2400.00
Cz 1600.00 is already collected
Expected expenses
CZ 1120.00
Cz 120 is already paid
Contracts ending in next 3 month
Rentals? Easily managed.
We've been there, so we made it easy. No paperwork or information hassles. Stay on track. Easy. On the go.
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We are on a mission to make real estate rental property management hassle free by providing digital solutions. Created by professionals who manage real estate properties.

This is just a start. We're in the process taking our product experience and solution to the next level.
Renter or rentee,
we help both.
Built for everyone,
Everything rental management.
Property-related all information.
Automated reminders.
Complex accounting.
Utility tracking and anytime statements.
We are build upon experience and trust.
We are translating real estate experience and research into digital solutions, crafting thoughtful and unified Sworp.

20 Years

Of experience in the real state and rental business


Total worth of the properties we are already managing


No of units that are already in our platform.


Team members of Sworp project
Manage rentals.
Easy. Transparent.
We offer portfolio management, income and expense tracking, bank integration, automation on recurring tasks, unlimited portfolios, unlimited users, task management and other tools to make rental management easy and smart.
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