Manage your properties & rentals smoothly!

SWORP Rent is a property rental management tool for small, mid and large scale investors and property managers! Whether you need to keep track of your tenants, automate payment tracking or take care of home repairs.
Tailored to everyone

Choose the degree of automation yourself

Are you only looking for a suitable digitization tool, but want to continue to handle all responsibilities yourself? Do you want to hand over your entire portfolio to someone and only receive income? Or are you looking for something in between?


Clear and practical

No messy spreadsheets, no searching in files and no need to learn a complex program.

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Mobile Ready

Let go of your worries

No need to check tenants, payments, revisions and other administrative tasks. SWORP looks after everything for you and notifies you only when you are needed.

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Better in Motion


Thanks to digitalization, the majority of the agenda is solved automatically. Basic communication with tenants, categorization of their needs and priorities evaluation.

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Simple & Powerful

We offer a full and intuitive solution for property management

Buildings, Apartments & Offices

No matter what property type you own, our system is ready for it. Are you a small investor with a few apartments for rent, large scale investor renting whole buildings, or a company managing office buildings? Everything is covered.

Payments & Accounting

Our portal gives you a tool to manage all your rent payments, generate invoices, track debts and analyse earnings.

Banking integration

You can connect bank accounts from 18 different banks in Czech Republic and automate your incoming payments. You can stop handling data manually.

Multiple Portfolios

You can manage multiple portfolios, whether you are an investor yourself or a property manager taking care of other investor's properties, our system gives you full support.
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