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Why we do what we do?

In the rental realm, the main issue has always been keeping track of information. It’s disorganized, time-consuming, and effort-intensive, and simply storing records without organization doesn’t work well. Moreover, there’s no clear way to track investments and other important details. And if you don’t have quick and easy access to data, it’s even more complicated.

Everything that’s currently wrong with rental management, we’re fixing by organizing, streamlining, and making things accessible. Saving time and money is crucial, and we’re only just beginning to realize this vision.

This is how we work, here at Sworp

Be real

Embrace the true selves, be honest and open in interactions, and create a workplace that celebrates authenticity where everyone is accepted as they are.

Take ownership

Be accountable for your work and actions with maximum transparency. Fosters growth and builds trust with each other. Make a commitment to do what's right.

Innovate, take risk

Don't walk the ordinary path, take challenges and make your own. Don't be scared to make mistakes and take it as an opportunity to learn. Push for something better and greater good.

Enjoy the making

Everything is always a work in progress, so make the most of it while you're at it. Do what you enjoy, both at work and in life.

We're a small team full of passionate individuals

We’re committed to recruiting talented individuals and ensuring that everyone receives respect and support throughout the interview process and beyond, once they join us.

We value diversity and aim to create an environment where everyone has an equal chance of success. Work is where you spend a lot of your time, and we want to make sure it’s worth it.

We believe in fostering trust and integrity within our work culture, encouraging colleagues to freely express their thoughts, concerns, and feedback without fear of judgment.

Smooth interview process
We respect your time and ours. Interviews will be as efficient as possible.
Relocation opportunity
If you're looking to relocate and join our offices in Prague or Kathmandu, we'll assist you in settling in.
Internal and external training and certifications
Looking to further your growth? We offer both internal and external training sessions that are engaging and teach you new skills.
Open and pleasant work environment
We value open communication, celebrate achievements, encourage conflict resolution skills, and rejoice in small victories. You'll enjoy the atmosphere in the office.
Paid time off
We understand that life brings unexpected situations, so to support you, we offer paid leave and extra sick days. Take time off whenever you need.
Office refreshments
Good food creates good moods. We provide snacks for everyone to enjoy during workdays.
Learning materials, courses, books
Invest in yourself. We'll provide you with the materials you need to achieve your professional and personal goals.
Benefits and rewards
As the company grows, we share more with you and the team. We give you a sense of ownership.
Fair compensation
We reward your hard work with a commendable paycheck.

Open positions

If you believe in our mission to create the best property management software solutions and many other enhancements, let's work together.

Product Owner / Product Manager

What will be the filling

  • comprehensive care and development from A to Z of the entrusted product portfolio in the real estate industry
  • to work efficiently and flexibly towards a given business vision and adhere to KPIs
  • leading a multi-member internal, technical team with potential to grow
  • define, develop and add value to the product for clients
  • project, risk and change management
  • independence, prioritization and setting deadlines to be met on a regular basis
  • defining and maintaining budgets for all products and intermediate products
  • delegation of responsibilities, coordinating regular meet ups with founder, dev, ux and ui
  • communication with external suppliers or business partners

What we expect from you

  • analytical thinking, experience with software development from the position of product owner (education in the IT field is not a requirement)
  • very good communication skills, Sworp presentations, or leading workshops
  • willingness to find solutions and be able to prioritize tasks within a given strategy
  • ability to lead a team while respecting the management of the founder
  • have a business mindset / business development and not be afraid
  • will need to make decisions and not lose direction towards a goal
  • an orientation and affinity for the real estate industry is a big advantage
  • keeping up to date with what is happening and what is new in the solution area
  • set and maintain team order even in stressful conditions
  • have common sense and a positive outlook
  • seek solutions when problems arise
  • be passionate about the work and have a drive to get things done
  • independence and reliability
  • use English on a daily basis both written and spoken, part of the team is abroad

What we offer

  • working with an experienced implementation team that is not afraid of innovation
  • dynamic, startup environment and nice people in the team
  • Professional development in a position that offers technically creative potential
  • support for personal development
  • motivating financial compensation
  • possibility of cooperation on HPP or IČO
  • informal culture and offices within easy reach of metro line A – Strašnická/Skalka

Junior property manager / real estate agent

Job description:

  • Coordination, cooperation, PC work
  • Communication with team and clients
  • Responsibility for ensuring adequate functioning of buildings
  • Promotion and marketing of individual spaces
  • Managing and supervising external contractors
  • Monitoring the quality of services provided
  • Resolving complaints and claims
  • Preparing operating and investment budgets
  • Preparation of technical and financial reports
  • Communicating with tenants, addressing their technical and operational requirements
  • Field work
  • Administration

What knowledge and skills we expect:

  • Secondary school education with a high school diploma
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Willingness and desire to improve
  • Experience in property management a great advantage
  • Knowledge of technical facilities and buildings an advantage
  • Good command of AJ, both oral and written – active use in practice
  • Flexibility and a proactive approach
  • Reliability and responsibility
  • Driving licence with sk. B is not a prerequisite

What we offer:

  • Dynamic, start-up environment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Good workplace relations
  • Support for personal development
  • Motivating financial compensation
  • HPP form of cooperation
  • Informal culture and offices within reach of metro line A – Strašnická/Skalka

Start date: by agreement / ihn

PHP Developer

What will you build in the team?

  • A suite of real estate products that simplify the lives of tenants, landlords and tradespeople through automation and modern technology
  • The main product has recently launched in the Czech market and we plan to expand beyond the borders (primary target is the whole EU)
  • From a technical point of view, it is mostly about client portals, dashboards, internal applications, integrations, APIs for mobile apps, micro-sites, etc.
  • You will have direct influence on product development and what no longer makes sense in-house, that’s where we will use partners

What skills/technologies do we expect?

  • PHP / Symfony + knowledge of the ecosystem / Doctrine
  • PHPUnit / PHPStan
  • Html/Css/Sass/JS/Twig (no knowledge of JS frameworks required, just the basics, HTML and CSS at the level of being able to create basic templates)
  • Willingness to do things properly, to keep learning and to pass on your knowledge
  • Interest in web development with the ability to work in a team
  • Very good English, part of the team is located abroad
  • At least 5 years of experience
  • Passion for developing a product that helps, makes sense and has a future
  • Experience in: UI/UX, hybrid mobile app development (Flutter/ReactNative) or e-commerce experience would be useful

These are the technologies you’re sure to get your hands on

  • MongoDB, ApiPlatform, Php-Cs-Fixer, Foundry, Flysystem, Symfony UX, Hotwire Turbo/Stimulus, SQL, Redis, RabitMQ, GraphQL, RestAPI, Docker, Monorepo, GitLab,
  • DDD/TDD/SOLID – know when to apply appropriate principles

What we offer

  • A small, professional in-house team that handles most of the product’s technical needs in-house
  • Development funding is secured for several years in advance from our own resources
  • Support for learning and creating open-source solutions to common problems
  • Dynamic, startup environment and fine people in a working environment
  • Long-term full-time collaboration in exchange for motivating financial evaluation
  • Opportunity to work part-time HO once established
  • Possibility to work on HPP or IČO
  • Informal culture and offices within reach of metro line A – Strasnicka/Skalka

Start date: by agreement / immediately

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