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Sworp story

For over 20 years, I have been investing in real estate and gradually realized that management involves constantly repeating activities. Jumping between endless rows of Excel spreadsheets, paper files, diaries, and a bunch of other independent tools. With this amount of data, I always feared human error.

When I discussed the topic with other landlords, I found that we all face the same problems. Besides real estate, I have always been close to computers, which led me to find an optimal solution in the form of digitization and full automation.

I started developing a software solution that I tested on myself in practice. My managers and I had long discussions and improved the now finished product, which is already making life easier for many other landlords and managers.

From the very beginning, we have been developing Sworp multilingually as a global platform aimed at helping all property owners, as well as managers, tenants, and anyone else. After all, the principles of property rental are as old as humanity itself and are very similar worldwide.

Martin Ladyr
Founder & CEO

Sworp's commitment to your success

Digitization of property management to ensure passive income for owners, increase property value, and reduce operational costs.
The Sworp Rent application creates a digital twin of the managed property and maintains its service log, ensuring a 100% real-time overview and thereby increasing the investment value.

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