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Create a digital twin of your property and streamline management with real-time insights into the service book. We offer a versatile software solution covering everything from financial management to notes, saving you time and simplifying the entire management process.
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All-in-one property management software

Powerful insights right on the dashboard so you know what's going on in the background, just at a glance.

Organize properties with portfolios

Organize properties into multiple portfolios. Share the portfolios with other property managers to maximize your property management capabilities.

Stay on top of your transactions

Get in depth information about past, upcoming and overdue payments. Calculate costs of rent and utilities at a few clicks.

Master rental management with tasks

From renovations to maintenance, our large scope tasks feature makes sure of efficient planning, tracking, and completion, making your property management more productive.

Send automatic reminders

Ensure timely payments through automated tasks and friendly reminder emails, keeping renters informed and payments on track.

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Start for free, access all the basic features that you will need to start managing an unlimited number of rental properties more efficiently.

Add your properties

Build a portfolio, add properties and tenants, generate contracts with templates, and set up payments for deposits, rent, and utilities.

Start managing

After entering property details, invite team members to and use tasks, calendars, and automated tools for efficient property management.
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