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Manage your properties efficiently. Boost productivity, save time, and simplify property management with streamlined tools. Access portfolios, verify bank payments, convert chores into organized tasks, and more.
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Add Units

Portfolios help you organize your properties and their units down to the level of individual rooms. Enter every detail - from the number of keys to the equipment.

Generate Documents

Create printable lease agreements, notices, and other important documents in just a few clicks. You can streamline everything with various templates that fit any of your activities.

Manage Finances

Set up rent, services, insurance, taxes, and record financial transactions to gain insight into your finances in real-time directly in the smart overview.


Automatic Tasks and Reminders

Activate automatic tasks in the portfolio settings and set them up for various cases, such as expired insurance, late payment, mismatched bank transactions, and more.


Access all upcoming tasks and events, such as service or equipment reviews, lease expiration, directly on your main screen. Organize your work.

Bank Integration

Connect your bank account held with any European bank, and the system itself monitors rent payments, service fees, insurance, and more. Stay informed.



Engage in communication with tenants and your staff by configuring settings with emails, SMS, and call logs.

Project Management

From renovations to maintenance, our comprehensive task features ensure efficient planning, cost tracking, and completion, increasing the productivity of your property management.

Additional Tools

Track what's happening with your properties using activity logs. Save your files, photos, contacts, notes, and more.
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Get more stuff done with our simple yet powerful tools

Ease communication with notes, phone calls & emails, stay organized with our user-friendly calendar and activity log and save time with our contract templates. Manage diversified portfolios with ease with support for multiple currencies.

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Activity log

Overview of services

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