Automatic management of your properties!

We offer a tool and service that allows you to manage your properties with maximum automation. Most of the actions in rental property management can be automated, even those that you wouldn't expect!
Tailored to everyone

Choose your preferred degree of automation

Are you only looking for a suitable digitization tool, but want to continue to handle all responsibilities yourself? Do you want to hand over your entire portfolio to someone and only receive income? Or are you looking for something in between?

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Modern tools

Modern web application

No messy spreadsheets, no searching in files and no need to learn a complex software.

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Mobile optimization

Let go of your worries

You don't have to think about regularly checking tenants, payments, revisions and other administration. SWORP looks after everything for you and only alerts you when you are really needed.

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Digital assistant


Thanks to digitization, most of the agenda is solved automatically. Even basic communication with tenants, categorization of their requirements, evaluation of relevance and priority.

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A simple and capable helper

What does SWORP solve automatically for you?

Portfolio records and automated digitization

You don't have to waste time entering data manually, automation can do a lot of things for you. It registers a complete portfolio according to the owner, automatically reads contracts and creates records of tenants, monitors all deadlines.

Monitoring income

You will never have to manually check whether tenants pay you on time, we have covered all banks in the Czech Republic, we can connect to them and monitor incoming payments automatically. We can match them with your tenant's payments right away.

Automate even manual activities

We can automate everything, even seemingly manual activities such as finding and selecting new tenants. Go into autopilot mode and SWORP will automatically monitor the outgoing tenants and start looking for replacements for them, you just watch the candidate section fill up along with their reliability rating and just select the final tenant. Contracts and signatures will then be executed again automatically and digitally.

Support for multiple portfolios and users

Do you work in a team? Do you manage multiple portfolios? Do you manage properties for other people? SWORP has full support for user collaboration, management of access to individual portfolios and a complete history of performed actions.
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