What can SWORP Rent do?

This list includes the most important features the system supports. Register to try it yourself!

Properties & Tenants in one place

Manage all of your properties and tenants in one secure and simple tool. You can track all necessary details, assets and files.

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Banking Integration

SWORP Rent will automatically check your transaction history and synchronize payments from your tenants. Fast, simple and 100% secure!

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Maintenance & Repairs

Is there something broken in your property? Provide your tenants with a QR code and they can easily submit the repairs using their phone and SWORP will fix it. No hassle for you, no negotiation with handymen.

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Easy accounting

SWORP Rent keeps track of all your incomes and expenses tied to your properties and tenants. This will then help you do your taxes easily!

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Contract Templates

New tenant moving in? Use our user friendly interface to create a contract quickly. The professionally made template will not leave you exposed!

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Data Analysis

Good investor needs to evaluate their income. We collect data from many sources to analyze whether your property is performing well or if your money would be better spent elsewhere.

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Team Cooperation

Assign your portfolio to your property manager with keeping your account secure. You decide what permissions they have.

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Supported Banks

With these banks, you don't ever need to check rent payment manually again. You can set up a variable symbol and other details for each contract and it will automatically track any incoming payment meeting the criteria.

Česká spořitelna

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Komerční banka

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Fio banka

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Air Bank

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What YOu Get

Features Included in All Plans

SWORP Rent will always include a free tier subscription completely usable for property management.
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