About the project

SWORP is a unique advertisement system. It offers its advertisers the lowest rates for effective advertisement on the internet, providing thereby the highest profit to advertisement partners from targeted ads. more

Easy Domain Parking

Adding a domain to the SWORP system is a matter of a few clicks. This also applies to the insertion of a big portfolio of domains. All you have to do is simply choose the most suitable graphic layout for the domain, main keywords and you can start making profit right away. Consequently you can start creating personalized content for the domains in a user friendly editor.

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Various income sources

We cooperate with many local and international web advertisement providers of all kinds. Within the optimization process of your own domain, you will be able to choose from many various sources and types of advertisement income according to the target goal of your domain. Payouts are issued regularly on monthly basis to the advertising partners.

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Detailed visitor statistics

Thanks to the detailed statistics tool you will have full control and overview of your income and the general visit rate of your domain. Detailed reports registering where your visitors came from, and informing you of the most frequently displayed pages will enable you to tailor the targeting of the displayed advertisements on the pages according to the expected interest of the page visitors.

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Selling Domains

SWORP is also an ideal sales system for your domains. The webpage on the domain is the first contact point with the potential buyer. If you wish to effectively sell your domain, you can simply activate the selling option for your domain in the administration tool; you will also be able to add specific details there regarding the price or selling conditions.

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Individual layouts

The graphic layout of the created web presentation is very important. Taking into consideration this, and the importance of the individual character of each domain, we offer you the possibility to choose from a large amount of various page layouts appropriate for all kinds of domains. Even the most vital change of the page appearance can be done with one simple click in the domain administration tool

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Active promotion possibility

We are open to any kind of relevant traffic to your domains. We value all visitors, whether they come from search engines, through back links or by entering the exact domain name to the web browser. You can therefore, actively promote your newly created web pages freely in the method of your choice on the internet.

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More option of content creation

Collective tools

Automatic optimization

Any domains

Customer support

We offer special utilities and tools for the creation of the domain content. With every new user search the content of the pages expands. more

You will also have the ability to create more users with different administration rights to the same account and Collective possibilities of domain settings and configuration. more

The system rotates the graphic design templates and consequently chooses the best matching layout for the given domain. The same procedure is applied when setting up keywords. more

We accept any top-level domains. The system also offers full support to IDN domains with specific diacritics. more

Our support team is always ready to assist you and answer any questions you might have. We also offer optimization assistance for big portfolio domains. more